CI Concept | moll

Prior to collaborating with Dorten, moll encountered difficulties in establishing a distinct brand identity and effectively communicating its values to the target audience. This resulted in a lack of brand recognition, inconsistent messaging, and limited engagement with potential customers. As a consequence, moll products did not receive the attention and appreciation they deserved in the market, hindering their success and market penetration.



In response to these challenges, my primary focus was on the conception of moll’s brand identity, incorporating moll’s redefined personality as a central element. Aligning it with a creative strategy aimed at addressing the company’s core values and unique selling points, I emphasized moll’s commitment to functionality and innovative design. Drawing on my expertise in concept creation, I led efforts to refine moll’s brand identity, ensuring it embodied the character and resonated with the target audience.

Collaborating closely with the moll team, we developed a cohesive messaging strategy that highlighted these key attributes, integrating moll’s personality traits seamlessly. This approach ensured that every aspect of moll’s brand communication reflected their essence, reinforcing the brand’s authenticity and connection with customers.

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